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Elevate your career prospects with Gesto Culinary & Hospitality Academy, where our industry-driven programs, global network, and dedicated Placement Cell ensure you're equipped for success. Benefit from personalized guidance, extensive internships, and a proven track record of alumni thriving in top hospitality establishments worldwide.

Placement Assistance Overview

Our Placement Assistance goes beyond expectations. We meticulously prepare students for career success through personalized guidance, resume refinement, and interview coaching. Our Placement Cell acts as a catalyst, connecting students with leading hospitality establishments globally. With a focus on industry trends and networking, we empower graduates to navigate the competitive job market confidently. Benefit from our proactive approach to placement, ensuring you not only earn a certification but also embark on a rewarding career journey. Your success is our priority, and we are dedicated to shaping your path to excellence in the dynamic realm of hospitality.

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Industrial Partnership

We pride ourselves on strong Industrial Partnerships that enrich the educational experience. Collaborating with leading names in the hospitality sector, our programs are designed to align with industry needs. Students benefit from real-world insights, expert-led workshops, and exclusive opportunities for internships and placements. These partnerships not only enhance the academic curriculum but also provide a direct bridge to the dynamic and evolving landscape of the hospitality industry. Join us and leverage our extensive network of industry collaborators, ensuring a seamless transition from education to a successful career in the global hospitality arena.

Internship Opportunity

We prioritize hands-on learning through exceptional Internship Opportunities. Our students gain valuable real-world experience by engaging in internships with renowned hospitality establishments. These immersive experiences provide a practical understanding of industry dynamics, allowing students to apply classroom knowledge in a professional setting. Our extensive network of industry connections ensures diverse and rewarding internship options, preparing students for the challenges and opportunities in the dynamic world of hospitality. Seize the chance to elevate your skills, build a robust professional network, and jumpstart your career through meaningful internships tailored to your passion and career goals.

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Job Placement Record

Our Job Placement Record speaks volumes. We take pride in consistently achieving high placement rates, with our graduates securing rewarding positions in premier hospitality establishments globally. Our industry-aligned curriculum, rigorous training, and extensive network contribute to this success. The proof lies in the thriving careers of our alumni, who excel in diverse roles within the dynamic hospitality sector. Join us, and let our impressive Job Placement Record be the testament to your future success in the competitive world of hospitality. Your journey towards a fulfilling career starts with a solid foundation at Gesto.

Alumni Record

Our Alumni Record reflects a legacy of excellence. Our graduates are industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators, making significant contributions to the global hospitality landscape. With a strong network spanning the world's top establishments, our alumni thrive in diverse roles, from hotel management to culinary arts and beyond. They embody the values of leadership, professionalism, and excellence instilled during their time at Gesto. Join our esteemed community of alumni and unlock a world of opportunities, connections, and lifelong friendships. Your journey towards success begins at Gesto, where our alumni pave the way for your future triumphs.

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Recruitment Drives and Events

We ignite career paths through dynamic Recruitment Drives and Events. Engage with top-tier hospitality recruiters in our exclusive events, offering a platform for direct interaction, networking, and potential job placements. Our strategic alliances with industry leaders ensure exposure to diverse career opportunities. From on-campus recruitment fairs to industry-specific events, students gain valuable insights and access to coveted roles. The synergy of these initiatives ensures that graduates are well-prepared, sought after, and ready to excel in the competitive hospitality job market. Elevate your career prospects with our tailored recruitment events at Gesto.

International Placement Opportunity

We seize the world of opportunities with our International Placement Program. Expand your horizons and embark on a global career journey through exclusive partnerships with renowned hospitality establishments worldwide. Our students benefit from diverse cultural exposures, gaining a competitive edge in the international job market. Elevate your career prospects with our International Placement Opportunity, where you'll not only learn from different cultures but also contribute to the global tapestry of hospitality excellence at Gesto.


Post-Placement Support

Our commitment extends beyond placement with robust Post-placement Support. We provide ongoing assistance to alumni, ensuring a smooth transition into their professional roles. From continuous skill enhancement programs to mentorship opportunities, our support network remains active. Regular industry updates and networking events keep our graduates connected and informed. Our goal is to facilitate long-term career success, offering guidance as they navigate the evolving landscape of the hospitality industry. Join Gesto for not just a placement but a lifelong partnership in your journey toward excellence and achievement.

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Read testimonials from our successful alumni who share their positive experiences, personal growth, and career achievements, affirming the quality of education and placement support at Gesto Culinary & Hospitality Academy

“Transformative Experience"

"Gesto transformed my passion into a profession. The practical experiences and mentorship here are unparalleled."

Rajesh K

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