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Rochelle Conceiacao

Gesto Margao, Goa

“Welcome to the Wonderful world at GESTO !!”

The seeds you sow shall reap the benefit if not immediately but certainly in the long run. In similar context while you choose your education you need to select an Institution that is capable to transform you from an aspirant to a successful professional.

At Gesto Academy we aim to inspire students to become creative professionals and connect them to exciting and rewarding careers. Hard work is key to success, but in today’s highly competitive world, especially in the Hospitality industry it’s important to have a right mix of both hard work and Smart work. Only a technically Qualified and skilled professional shall be able to draw a perfect balance. The mix of Smart, Hardworking professional with good soft Skills would secure good jobs and quicker promotions.

The duration of school take a toll on us, we are bored of the rigid classroom setup of sitting down and attending lectures and the nerve-racking Exams (Gosh!!!). We understand the same and hence we strive to make everyone’s learning experience fun and exciting. The learning is mix of cooking, interacting with people, learning about the flair of service, spinning bottles and Live Events.

Hard Skills or Professional Skills are necessary but Soft Skills or Communication and indivual development skills are essential and imperative. Understanding this need GESTO is the first Hospitality academy to conduct web enabled interactive and virtual classes. A dedicated language lab, support training Grooming workshops and Additional certification from American Hospitality Academy, USA.

Based in the heart of one of the Goa’s most successful business and Tourism regions, the academy has a range of highly quailed staff, with a wealth of experience in their respective disciplines, and strong connections with the Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Industry

While many other institution and colleges promise to offer the same, similar or better services and facilities. We stand out as we have proved and constantly have raised the benchmark in delivering the best. Our 100% Placements in International hotels cruise ships, Airlines and establishment in Services sector is certainly an understanding of the quality we believe in and how we transform lives into successful professionals.

Gesto Culinary and Hospitality Academy has a strong reputation for high-quality education closely linked to employment: our students go on to achieve great success in their chosen disciplines and professions. Gesto Culinary and hospitality Academy is your one stop hospitality career solution. For an Life enabling Career, Please feel free to visit us.

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